Has it though? We couldn’t argue it’s not at least trying to be sexy with half of the music videos out there looking like soft porn, and that’s maybe the only way it’s gotten sexier. We’ll go into more detail, such as why it has gotten sexier in this brief article.

Sex continues to sell just like it always has, and the entertainment industry has been the first one to derive maximum profit. It’s also made the biggest profit out of all industries when it comes to selling sex, being that the porn industry is part of the entertainment industry too. It’s not an issue of getting sexier, but more of people getting jaded. Madonna’s videos, which would be considered quite tame by today’s standards, were quite controversial in the 80s, if not scandalous.

At first, sexual lyrics were enough to cause a stir (people were shocked by a song called “I touch myself” in the 80s, at which they’d laugh today.) Then, people started making music videos, and the industry became “sexier” by introducing sexual elements in them. Now, the biggest money to be made is from sale of concert tickets, and sexiness has infiltrated live shows with sexy artist and backup singers’ costumes, etc. Not to mention the role merchandising has played with revealing photos of singers on posters, which is just one of many examples.

The Internet has made the music industry a truly global phenomenon, something radio tried to do earlier. With radio, it just wasn’t possible to get that sexiness across. Shows like Howard Stern’s aside, of course, although whether controversy and sexiness are the same things is another matter altogether. And he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if his show wasn’t filmed. The fact that the music industry is continuously pushing the envelope is perceived by a maximum number of people across the world, thanks to the Internet. Google and social media have been pivotal in this process. Some people have practically made careers out of posting revealing photos of themselves on social media.

Chris Rock once joked that if Rihanna didn’t sing, nothing would change. She is the most recent reminder of how the music industry has evolved. She now has her own makeup company, which is doing really well, but it might not have been if it didn’t have her backing. Celebrities who became wildly famous due to (in part) sex appeal are crossing over into other industries, and vice versa.